This is the story of a suprising and beautiful journey on the footsteps of Antonio Pidone. A man who could not leave Sicily for the « New World » with his wife back in the 19th century. Amy Mosher Araya, great granddaughter of Antonio tells us what happened to her when she first entered « her Sicilian hometown ». […]

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In 2016, Swiss people woke up with the breaking news that some of their piggeries were growing swines in horrible conditions. One year later, groups of activists and associations made it known that despite the media exposure and the intervention of the local authorities of Canton of Vaud, the pig farm owners did not really […]

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Legal weed is pretty much everywhere in the cities of Suisse romande, in Lausanne or in the rest of Canton de Vaud, also in Geneva for several months. Retail shops carrying CBD hemp, with almost no THC substance in it (the one that makes you high), have popped up here and there alongside regular « kiosques » […]

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