Le Lacustre is now called « The Lacustre ». It is one of the best scenery you could get in Lausanne-Ouchy area. With « La Jetée (de la Compagnie) », it is a very trendy food and relaxing lakeside spots nowadays. I have tried it for you last Sunday. I was expecting a typical hipster Sunday brunch but it turned out to be a mixed-feelings experience. The food list on the menu is appetizing. The gorgeous sun, the old-fashioned « Happy Days » meets « Pulp Fiction » decorum helped to start on a very good note. The vintage 1 franc game pinball is comforting. If you would rather go for a fussball table festival, way to go, it is outside on the terrasse.

The service lacked consistency with waiters very stressed, oblivious of the customers who came in more than 45 minutes before being taken care of once more. The disorganisation and the disagreements between members of staff really showed the limits of hiring young and untrained professionals, or a simple cook (according to staff) while the attendance was quite big around 1PM. The music (every classic and psychedellic songs that counted between the 60’s and late 70’s) helped me being patient and finally enjoyed a delicious « Smoked lake fish tartine ». The waitress acknowledged the fact that my family and I were becoming impatient and she offered capuccinos to make the waiting less painful. Finally, I loved the food and the setting. Last but not least, I found the bill to not look like a heavyweight boxer smashing my piggy bank on one piece of paper. The mishaps were forgotten. We’ll be back for a better experience at the Lacustre.

David Glaser

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